Program Catalog

Current programs are listed by catalog number and sorted by the date posted on the Cardio Medica channel.

Catalog Title Keyword Date
D1 Natural History and ASCVD Risk Stratification in Type 2 Diabetes (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D2 Statins, LDL-C Lowering, and Prevention of ASCVD in Diabetes Mellitus (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D3 Safety of Statin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D4 Managing Symptoms During Statin Therapy (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D5 Residual Dyslipidemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Implications for ASCVD Prevention (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D6 The Role of Newer Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Drugs for ASCVD Prevention (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020
D7 Putting It All Together (video) Diabetes 1/1/2020


Cardio Medica is an education and information channel created by the AudioEducate for the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS). The program is offered on Amazon Alexa and can be accessed on any device featuring Alexa or the Alexa App.

Cardio Medica launched in January 2020 with the release of seven diabetes videos related to the prevention of ASCVD in Patients with Diabetes. These are the same videos offered in the IAS Education Center at and designed for clinicians in the care of patients.

As the IAS produces library content additional programs will be added in other subject areas with goal of creating a secondary outlet for access of education programming created by the IAS and its affiliates and partners.

Just say “Alexa enable Cardio Medica” or “Alexa start Cardio Medica”

Getting Started is just that easy. Alexa will welcome you and ask you to say “Begin” to start. The programs will play in order based on the date posted in the catalog.

Tip – Instead of “Begin” you could say the Catalog number. For example, you could say “D 1”. This lets you jump around a bit and listen to programs out of order.

What to do if you don’t have an Alexa device.

You can download the app for your computer or mobile phone.
Windows- Download the Alexa app in the Microsoft Store
Android- The Alexa app can be found in the Google Play Store
IPhone- The Alexa app can be found in the App Store

No Video Capability?
The audio will play the audio only portion on your Alexa Device.

What Else is Needed?

To use any Alexa device, you need an Amazon Alexa account. There is no cost to set up an account and most listeners already have an Amazon account for shopping. This account can be created at If you don’t want an Amazon account you can still take the web based programs at in the education centre.

Standard Alexa Commands

Alexa listens for standard phrases that allow it to be interactive. Just like any Alexa skill, Cardio Medica uses standard Alexa commands. She will generally prompt you for the desired response. Like please say “yes or no“,” true or false” or to give a short answer to a multiple-choice question like “A”, “B”.
Sometimes it’s noisy or Alexa does not understand what you are trying to do, she will ask again or exit the skill.

Additional Commands to use with Cardio Medica

  • Alexa Start Cardio Medica—Starts the skill
  • Alexa Begin- Starts the requested program
  • Alexa Stop or Alexa Pause – Pauses the audio
  • Alexa Play or Resume- Resumes the Audio
  • Alexa Stop then Alexa Cancel- Ends the Cardio Medica skill.
  • Alexa Forward “XXX” seconds(or minutes)- Jumps forward in the Audio
  • Alexa Back “XXX” seconds(or minutes)- Jumps back in case you missed something.
  • Alexa Next- When the audio portion is finished use this command to move forward.

  • Remember, Alexa is listening to your responses and selections. Always wait until Alexa stops speaking to give your answer.

    Trouble? Please email and describe your issue which can help improve this technology.