AudioEducate Requirements

You must register foryour course via your organization or at

To get your Alexa devices linked you need an account and you must enable and link the skill in the Amazon Alexa skill library.

Note: We do not receive any data from Amazon, this just creates the bridge to link your account devices to AudioEducate via your Alexa Device.

AudioEducate Registration Step by Step

Register at either or your sponsoring organizations registration link (as provided by the organization). You will receive an email with the following information to link your device.

Link the AudioEducate Skill with your Alexa Devices

1. Click this link which will to you to view the AudioEducate skill page at Amazon (click here) or use the search bar on Amazon. Choose Alexa Skills and Search AudioEducate.

Note: In some countries you may need to type “Alexa Skill AudioEducate” in the Search Bar.

2. Click on the AudioEducate Skill

If you are not already logged in to Amazon you will be asked to log in. (Note: If you don’t have an Amazon account you need to have one created because all Alexa devices require an Amazon account to be set up.)

3. Then Click the Enable button

An AudioEducate registration window will open.

4. Please enter your email and the AudioEducate password:
Your AudioEducate password will be provided in the email.

Then hit enter.

5. You will get an “Account Linked” message telling you that you are all ready to use your Alexa.

6. Go to your Alexa device and just say “Alexa, Ask AudioEducate“.

Your programs will start playing. 

What is AudioScholar?

AudioScholar is a custom skill based on AudioEducate but is a slimmer or compact version.

Skills based on AudioScholar deliver the same podcast style programs (video or audio). However, there is no need to complete registration steps.

This is designed for organizations that do not need to know who the person is taking the program but would like to obtain survey feedback from the audience.

Programs can be easily launched on your private Alexa Channel, which is easy to author, manage, at a low cost delivery platform.

An Overview of Basic Alexa Commands Used in AudioEducate and AudioScholar

Just like any Alexa skill, AudioEducate and AudioScholar use standard Alexa commands. (See standard command list below).

Remember, Alexa is listening to your responses and selections. She will prompt you for simple responses (i.e.-yes, no, true, false, A, B C, or 1, 2,3 ).

“Alexa, Ask AudioEducate”
If you completed registration correctly, Alexa will welcome you by name.

“Alexa Stop”
Ends the program.

“Alexa, Cancel”
If used after “stop” during podcast or video, this will exit the Skill completely.

“Alexa Next”
After Audio/Video is finished, allows Alexa to proceed to next part of the program.

Public or Private Programs?
In our programs section of this website only Public programs are listed. Some clients keep their education activities private for their own audiences only.


In this account, you have been sponsored by a company or organization to access a private account. Therefore, you are likely an employee, a member, or have registered in a systematic fashion with the sponsor to receive programming.

When you log in you have private access to your sponsors programs. If your interests lie beyond your sponsor, you may access any public programs by logging in to your profile at and adding other interest areas to your profile. However, your profile information will be given to any sponsor whose program you take as sponsors routinely receive reports about those who participate in their public programs.


You signed up at independently and are not affiliated with a sponsor.

You may access any public programs by logging in to your profile at and adding interest areas to your profile. However, your profile information will be given to any sponsor whose program you take as sponsors routinely receive reports about those who participate in their public programs.

Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions which all users of AudioEducate must agree.


If you are being asked for financial or personal information, it is not AudioEducate.
What Devices Can I Use?

Just like any Alexa skill you can use any Alexa interactive device.

  • Smart Speakers (i.e.-Echo and Echo Dot )
  • Smart Displays i.e.- Echo Show or Facebook Portal)
  • Newer Smart Devices like computers, televisions, have Alexa built in. Check your device.
  • Or you can also use a mobile phone or computer by downloading the Alexa app at either iTunes or the Play Store. If you use a mobile phone, you can use your Bluetooth settings.
  • Coming 2022- Google Home
Audio or Video?

We create all programs using MP4 Video, however, if you only have an audio device( such as an Echo or Echo Dot), you can still listen to the programs.

AudioEducate will send you emails at the start of each program with copies of reference material provided by the sponsoring organization so you can follow along. (This is not a feature of AudioScholar based programs).

Can it be used in my Country?

Since programs are presented in English, we are available in most countries where English is the native language used in Alexa.

We apologize for any inconvenience outside our capability to serve your needs in countries that do not allow access.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions cover privacy matters in a global fashion. However, limitations on Alexa availability may exist outside our control which may prevent access to AudioEducate.

Also, we program all activities in English.  This is sometimes a barrier to accessing skills in non-English speaking countries.

What AudioEducate Does

AudioEducate provides “Alexa Skills” that provide our clients with a novel way to provide education programs and gather feedback from audiences.

We do not collect any data other then that required for users to participate in exams, surveys, or by the sponsor necessary to issue a certificate.

We need names, address (if required by sponsor), email, profession, degree, or specialization /work information to deliver certificate and emails related to the education.

Programs are free and we never ask for any financial information.

We also do not have responsibility for the content provided by the sponsor including the podcast or video, any references, the questions, or surveys. These are all provided by the sponsor. We do not represent the sponsor and validate any of the educational material provided to AudioEducate for use in the AudioEducate or AudioScholar family of  skills.

What happens if I quit the skill or fail a program?

If you fail the sponsors exam or stop the program early, or lose your internet connection. You can take the program again. Failures of the exam or if you try to skipping the lecture portion, you will likely fail the program and need to begin again.

If you have a problem, let us know by using our contact form.

Trouble with the Skill

Remember Alexa has aspects of artificial intelligence built-in but she can not anticipate your responses. She is also subject to having a steady internet connection.  If you are familiar with using Alexa Skills you will be comfortable using AudioEducate. But always:

1 . Speak clearly.

2.  Answer her question with expected responses: Yes, No, True, False, or A,B,C,D…

3. Wait until she is finished speaking before answering. (She is not listening when she is talking).

Always remember at the end of podcast play to say “Alexa”  then say “Next”..  Why ? The Alexa program waits after the audio or video podcast for your prompt to continue.  If it does not hear a response, the program closes. 

Catalog Numbers, Keywords, and Other Tips

First the tips:

Use the skill is a quiet area, Alexa may not be able to tell your responses apart from background noise.

Speak clearly and with enough volume. Alexa is dependent on the built in microphone.

If you do not respond, or the response is not understood, Alexa will believe you are not there and close the connection.

Look at the emailed materials and references. It often has information related to the exam and your success!

Don’t try to skip or fast forward the audio/video portion. Education integrity is about the learning process. AudioEducate assumes you do not want credit when you skip and will automatically fail the user.

How to Use Keywords

Some sponsors have multiple subject areas within their domain of programs and have added a “Keyword”. to make access to materials quicker. If your program has a “Keyword” your sponsor will advise you.

You would say: “Alexa, Ask AudioEducate, Keyword “XXXXXX”.

Catalog Numbers

Every program has a catalog number. Your sponsor will likely tell you each programs catalog number in their program brochure or notice. First open the skill as normal. “Alexa Ask AudioEducate”

When she opens you can wait for the prompt say the catalog number. “XXXX”

She will play the program even if you have completed it before. (You will not obtain credit a second time).
I Still Need Help
Please tell us your problem by using the contact form.
  • Access to account (log-in) Amazon or AudioEducate

  • Updating AudioEducate profile

  • Obtaining participation certificates

  • Obtaining reference materials

  • Delete my Account

  • Other or Problems with Amazon Device-please tell us what is happening.

Also tells us if you:
  • Like a feature
  • Would change the following feature
We work hard to keep up with innovations.