The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) an NASH, are of the most common liver diseases, and the prevalence is rising. About 25% of adults worldwide are probably affected by N A F L D. This program explores the NAFLD and NASH diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

This is second new testing course for Alexa, and features 2 lessons, pre-test, post-test and survey. You will need 80% to pass and get a certificate.

This is a new course designed to test the data reports to make sure we are not getting any “extra” data.

Master Course 2 : Contains 3 Lesson. Each Lesson have one quiz and each quiz contain 3 Same Questions for Pretest and Posttest. For pass score for all quiz is 80%

This course is going to test when there is only 1 quiz associated with the last lesson and only has post-test questions. This simulates the same as a final exam done by course structure, yet using lesson structure.

General Knowledge can help children become more well-rounded individuals, improve their communication and decision-making skills, and perform better academically.

In this scenario, we check the play of a three Lesson course. It has all the options, pre-test, post test, survey and certificate. You must get at least 50 percent right on the post test questions to pass. All the quizzes are placed in a final quiz structure and not with each lesson.

This is Master Scenario 8, in this scenario we have 2 lessons and you can earn a certificate of completion. However, the are no tests at all and no survey. However please note, lesson 1 was built using Elementor and Lesson 2 was not.

In this course test for Master Scenario 12, we will take a pre-test, then 2 lessons and a survey. There is no post-test, survey, or certificate awarded.

This is Master Scenario 10 which features 2 lessons and a post-test. Again there is no pre-test, but there is a survey. We do offer a certificate for passing the course.

This is Master Scenario 9. It includes, one lesson with a post-test. You need an 50% success rate on the quiz to get a certificate. There is no pre-test or survey question asked.

In Master Scenario 6 we are testing the combination of having two lessons, but no pre-test or post test. There is no certificate, however, we do have a survey.

This is the testing course for Scenario 5 which involves one lesson about engineering. There is no testing and no certificate to be awarded but a survey is conducted.

Cyber Security is a specialized field in Information Technology which is regarded as a substream in Computer Science. Cyber Security courses aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to defend the computer operating systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks.

Master Scenario 7 is the simplest of all the scenarios because it has no testing, no survey, and no certificate.

This is Master Scenario 11. For this test you only have to take a pre-test , listen to one lesson, and take a survey.