Privacy Statement (January 2022)

Our Policy: Acceptance and Changes 

This Privacy Policy explains how AudioEducate collects user information and data from the use of the AudioEducate platforms through the delivery of  programs and activities with interactive voice technology platforms (such as Google Actions or Amazon Skills), created for our Clients. This does not cover the use of such data obtained by our Clients but not provided to AudioEducate. By using AudioEducate services directly or through our Clients, You signify Your acceptance of this policy and acknowledge that certain data as described in this policy is maintained to enable AudioEducate services. If You do not agree to this policy, You cannot be accepted to use AudioEducate. Your registration at the Client site or by AudioEducate will denote acceptance of these changes including any future revisions.

We may change this Privacy Policy and from time to time based on updates to the law and we request You stay informed by visiting this page and reviewing it for any changes.

Sources of Personal Information

Client- A supporter, sponsor or organization contracted for services with AudioEducate.

User or Participant- This applies to You and the information You provide or is provided to AudioEducate by Client.

Regarding User Data Provided by You

We collect only the personal information provided by You to AudioEducate or our contracted Client via a formal registration process to establish a working account. The purpose of data collection by AudioEducate is limited only to facilitate connection of Your applicable interactive voice technology devices to the Client-based activities and programs created by the Client. At minimum AudioEducate will retain Your Name, Email, and Password. We retain Your Password so that users can access their records for future retrieval. If additional information is collected at the time of registration, such data and retention is maintained by the Client and subject to the Client’s privacy policy or terms and conditions at the time of registration. Such  Client requested data is not required or retained by AudioEducate. AudioEducate will not sell, transfer, distribute or use any data it collects on its users for any purpose other than fulfilling the successful connection of data needed for AudioEducate to deliver the program and activity content. Such data may be removed at the request of any individual at any time, the Client, or deleted by AudioEducate when the programs or Client materials or the Client are no longer active with AudioEducate, or programs expired on the AudioEducate platform.

Information We Collect from You

When You use AudioEducate and the hosted Alexa Skills or Google Actions, via the  AudioEducate platform, AudioEducate may collect answers to examination questions, or surveys created by our sponsors and Clients. Retention of data  by AudioEducate may include participation records, testing and scoring reports, survey, or evaluation reports, and to store any accumulated certificates earned by our users because of participation. Such records are only maintained as a backup to the records required by our Clients in the delivery of their programmatic needs. Such records are always related to the Client program taken and part of an evaluation or satisfaction process. We note the date You took a program, Your answers to questions or surveys, and the date of passing or a failed attempt. The information collected by AudioEducate is not used by AudioEducate for marketing or sales purposes. We collect this information for reports to our Clients on the success of their education efforts. Reports are sent to the Client or sponsor so they can assess success and participation level of their sponsored activities using AudioEducate. AudioEducate will not provide information for any sponsor’s  or Client participants to a party other than the sponsor or Client.

Account Linking

The AudioEducate platform provides an integration between a database and server to enable presentation of programs and activities through interactive voice devices. As such, it is required that all participants link their account to the appropriate service they wish to use. At the time of registration, for any program and activity offered by the Client of the AudioEducate platform, the user will receive an email providing a link that will connect the users interactive voice device or appropriate app to the AudioEducate service. This process is known as account linking and is required by the platforms such as Alexa or Google Assistant for use of their platform. Although AudioEducate facilitates the process to rapidly link Your account, AudioEducate does not collect any data in this process.

Client Provided Data

Occasionally, a Client may wish to pre-register its audience with AudioEducate so that accounts are quickly facilitated. When such data is provided to AudioEducate by the Client, it is understood that the sponsor or Client has permission to transmit such data into the AudioEducate platform. AudioEducate then creates the account and uses the information only to the degree necessary for access to sponsor or Client programs.

AudioEducate Use of Collected Data

We use the information to seek  trends  and patterns of use for the purpose of improvement or to provide feedback to sponsors or Clients regarding access and participation levels and where improvements can be made to the delivery of programs and activities. We may also use the information to troubleshoot a user account when the entry of information may be modified to improve performance of the AudioEducate platform.

All data collection, storage and processing are done with respect to security to protect data from hacking, or other type of breach. Sensitive and personal data if exchanged occurs through and SSL secure website.

Use of Email

The AudioEducate platform is constructed around an interactive voice platform. In many cases, the Clients or AudioEducate need to provide important information such as references, links, or other materials in support of the program and activity or any completion certificates awarded by the Client. In such cases, AudioEducate will email this supplementary information  and attachments when requested by the Client. Therefore, consent for all such emails must be given at the time of registration at the Clients site or independently to receive such emails by AudioEducate or the Client for this to occur. Therefore, You agree to receive such correspondence and agree to the AudioEducate terms and conditions.

Advertising and Marketing

Our Clients may market programs and activities featuring programs and activities distributed on the AudioEducate platform based on Your registration and preferences. AudioEducate will not participate in such efforts to market on behalf of a Client or sponsor. Any emails or other correspondence sent from AudioEducate is only for existing program and activity support purposes or provided by our Clients as part of their relationship with You.

Legal Considerations and Privacy

Laws often change with respect to privacy and personal data. In this regard, AudioEducate adheres to its policy of respect and privacy of information according to current law including the California Consumer Privacy Act  (CCPA) and GDPR as well as others applicable statutes.

AudioEducate is not affiliated or a partner with any of its Clients, or the interactive voice service providers such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant necessary in the provision of services. AudioEducate makes no warranties or claims with respect to the operation of these services, availability of these services, suitability of the services, or the related business practices and policies in the participation in such services.

All content offered via AudioEducate has been provided by the Client for distribution to its registered users or specified audience. AudioEducate does not own , makes no claim to authorship, and is not responsible for the content or its suitability in meeting Your needs.

We only collect information necessary for the correct operation of our education platform , conducting customer service, or fulfillment of our hosting and service agreements with Clients and sponsors, or in any defense necessary in a court of law. At the time of account creation all users are asked to consent to the privacy and terms and conditions posted by AudioEducate.

California Resident CCPA Considerations:

This Privacy Policy should be adequate to describe our terms pursuant to the CCPA. Depending on the activity accessed at AudioEducate, we can collect the only the following personal information name, address, email address, profession, and specialty. We do not collect any other information that can be reasonably associated with You. To the extent our contractual Clients and partners adhere to disclosure and use of any data collected depends on the privacy and terms of use specified by the sponsor or Client. AudioEducate will not sell and has not provided or sold user data to any third party except for Clients and sponsors. Although AudioEducate does not disclose information to third parties for any purpose, under the CCPA You as a user can request any data that has been collected by AudioEducate in connection with a sponsor or Client’s programs or other programs taken on the AudioEducate, or related activtities offered by AudioEducate. Please email with such requests.


We use cookies to keep You logged in during Your account access sessions on the AudioEducate site. We do not use the information for any other purpose. If on the site, please observe the policy on cookies and privacy.

Link and Services from Third Parties on

A Client or developer link can be used for providing information on available programs or to access information to make use of AudioEducate easier. If such links are accessed, we note that the security of such links and the content or opinions expressed are not the opinions or views of AudioEducate.


AudioEducate provides a secure server for data but cannot guarantee loss, theft, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction by third parties or sophisticated hackers. AudioEducate cannot warranty that any information will remain secure. It is our policy however not to collect any financial or personal data to be of such use by any potential hacker to the best of our ability.

Account and Data Retention

We retain Your account records when created, until such time AudioEducate ceases to exist, or You delete Your account, or a sponsor  or Client removes a program offered in our catalogs or the program simply expires. Note: we may retain certain information as required by law or for legitimate business purposes.

Contacting AudioEducate

You may update, correct, or information about You at any time by logging into Your online account or contact AudioEducate for assistance using the contact form at

Updated January 2022