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A “Higher Level Education” skill when testing or certification of the audience is needed.

AudioEducate is a comprehensive Amazon Alexa enabled education skill based on the emerging marketplace of interactive voice technolo -gies. AudioEducate allows you to enroll your audience and track them through an entire learning process.
The skill is cost-effective and largely turnkey to most organizations see -king to provide audio content managed by the deliberative choices and responses of participants when data collection is required as part of the learning or certification process. References and other resources can be supplied to youraudience and you can instantly deliver as well as retain copies of documents such as completion certificates and refe -rences.
Several offerings are available featuring public or private options based on your organizations needs.

AudioEducate will provide resources to

Register your audience

Test your audience

Host your podcast or video activity

Survey your audience

Provide data reports

Provide certificate delivery

Store participant records