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AudioScholar and the related family of skills are created to be a streamilined client branded versions featuring fast on request access.

This skill should be considered when reports regarding particpation are needed but not specific collection of personal information from the user.  The skill is cost-effective and largely turnkey to most organizations.  

AudioScholar feature podcast play of audio and video, plus offers the interactive capture of particiapant responses to questions and surveys.  Moreover, the development of AudioScholar enables our clients to create their own unique “branded skill or channel”

Let's develop an AudioScholar "Channel" to engage your audience

Particpants request your channel in Alexa by name "Branding"

Your Video or Audio Podcast is delivered.

You can ask questions or just survey your audience.

We provide reports on usage and results of questions and surveys.

Take a demonstration by registering here. You can also use the contact form to request a demonstration.